Stewart's Biography


Stewart was born and raised until the age of 15 in the industrial City of
Manchester, England. Transferred to Montreal (temporarily) in 1976 with
his Fathers work (as a Mechanical Engineer with C.I.L.) and then
permanently to Nobel/Parry Sound. It was here, on the shores of Georgian
Bay, he completed high school and graduated from Parry Sound High.
Undecided as to a future direction he took it upon himself to obtain a
job manufacturing dynamite! at the local (former munitions) explosives
factory. In 1982, he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps as a
Mechanical Engineer. Applied to and accepted at Seneca College, he
graduated in 1985 with an Engineering Technology diploma.

Entrepreneurial in nature, he paid his way through College plowing
driveways, repairing and restoring cars and rebuilding and reselling
appliances. Having met an appliance specialist in college the two started
a successful New and Used appliance repair/rental store on Bayview Ave in
Newmarket. Bought out by his partner a year later he invested the
proceeds into real estate! He had found his niche! From the appliance
store he spent the next two years with an automotive parts manufacturer
and a year after that with a Major Automotive manufacturer.

Intrigued by the Real Estate market, having bought and sold properties,
he ventured into the business by obtaining his license to sell Real
Estate in 1988. It became obvious within 6 months of selling that this
was the career he aspired to. He gave notice at his full time position
and entered the market with great enthusiasm. The enthusiasm was met by
a market where real estate prices crashed by 25%, a test to even the most
seasoned salesperson. Stewart persevered in his new found field and is
now consistently, year after year, one of the Top Producing Realtors in
Newmarket. And now after 30 years, he continues to excel in the sale

Stewart has continued to upgrade his knowledge and expertise, obtaining
his Brokers License in 1990, and further by continuously improving
himself through Real Estate related educational courses. With over 30 
years experience he brings to you his professionalism, integrity and
dedication to the Real Estate market.

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The relationship between a home buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding.  I strive to continually improve and to do this I listen and take the needs and wants into consideration. With 30 + years selling Real Estate in Newmarket and surrounding area, you can be assured of a knowledgeable professional with  Honesty & Integrity.

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